Lakeside Camping…!

                               Camping Beneath The Moon And The Stars…!

Khireshwar Lakeside Camping!

One fine day, when everything was just as usual, an old and very known urge to go to new place just arose. i hate having my life disrupted by routine and i just knew that it’s time to get out of that disciplined life and do something fun.

Me and some of my all time ready traveler friends picked the location and before we knew we were heading to Khireshwar for overnight lakeside camping. we grabbed some snacks and a tent. and we were off to Khireshwar.



Khireshwar is the base village near Harishchandragad. 3 and half hours of ride, just about 120 kms from Pune. this village is believed just as old as Harishchandragar. there is a PIMPLEJOGA LAKE  or generally known as DAM near Khireshwar and that’s the best place we found for our camping.


we left for Khireshwar by 4 and after beating a bit of traffic near Narayangaon and a snacks stop on the way, we reached the campsite by 7.30. We had contacted the local person well before for the arrangements of our dinner . Maruti Dada gave us excellent dinner and we started to set the tent and fire for the night.


Nice and quiet typical village environment, star lit sky, cold breeze and bonfire. A perfect weekend gateway it was!  We spent night just sitting around the fire and looking up at star glazed sky. We never get to see that starry sky in the city,we realized. A tent, nice fire and snacks to eat, its my idea of well spent Saturday night.


We woke up next morning to comfortably cold, and beautiful sunrise. The yellow shining sun started rising from behind the mountains. It filled the sky with mesmerizing colors of red and endless rays of Pink. Nice and peaceful lake surrounded by mountains and we were their to soak up ans grasp all of the nature’s beauty.


after this spell bounding scene, we started to pack up our things. sleeping bags and tents,etc. we had great breakfast at Maruti dada’s little place and left for Pune again. A.R. Rehman’s songs playing on phone and all 4 of us just enjoying the time. it was a great weekend with great friends, what else a wanderer could ask for?

pc-Omkar Kudale

additional information.

route to the campsite-from pune stay on the pune-nashik highway till narayangaon and take a left after bus stand. there is a small board pointing towards shivneri fort. continue on that road until junnar. cross 2 ghats on the way and once you get off the second ghat go straight for some kms and very small road goes down to the right to the lake.

contact number of local.

Maruti Memane- +91 7768054658



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  1. shallowthinking says:

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  2. Omkar Kudale says:

    What an amazing starry night and a serene beautiful morning it was!
    Unforgettable experience indeed.

    Much improved writing rutu, keep it going!

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