Po Fanatic!



                        The legendary dragon warrior is back with his furious gang!!!

                         Po-the panda has returned and as he says there is no charge for awesomeness. Po and the gang is back with another incredible,stunning and entertaining flick..


I watched that feature at least 10 times now and i still can watch that anytime and again. whenever i feel sad, I watch any part of the kung fu panda movie series and I feel really happy for the rest of my day.


now,in the third part of awesomeness, Po meets his real family (as it was expected from last movie’s little teaser in the end)and watching the process of him learning how to be a panda is just pure bliss.this time also, the baseline is the same where Po is trying to find who he is and his place in the world but there’s something weirdly different in the movie. This time you believe in him even more than before, may be because loads of pandas and the emotional family touch makes him even more substantial.


we’ve seen him destroying Tai lung  and Lord Shen, but this time his awesomeness just reached it’s peak. Po mastered kung fu in the first part and gained Inner Peace in second but with mastering The Art Of Chi he defeats a warrior from spirit realm. (may be because Kai won’t spare him chit-chat.. hahhaa)

In this film Po just got promoted. he defeats Kai.

                       kai, A Supreme Warlord, The Jade Slayer, Master Of Pain,Beast Of Vengeance and Maker Of Widows. only THE Big Fat Panda can do this.


There are very rare movie series where all the films are equally wondrous and undoubtedly kung fu panda is one of ’em. As you can see, I’m a huge fan of these flicks and I’ve seen these films countless times. I think I’m just a bit obsessed with this thing. My wallpapers are Po and the gang. all these movies are proudly taking place in the every possible device i own.


In fact when McDonalds released it’s panda toy series, i was running around town with my best friend to grab all of he toys.(obviously we had to eat many happy meals for that and believe me its was no happy feeling doing that. but it was all worth it). Now my shelf is showing off itself with all 8 panda toys. and despite of being 22 years old,i still play with them everyday.


                                Tigress,Creane,Mantis,Viper and Monkey protecting the Valley Of Peace under the training of Master Shifu. master of Jade Palace, the bad ass and insightful Master Oogway. Po’s fathers Mr.Ping and Li Shan,all these characters makes you fall in love with them.
                                   And it’s just hard not to like the clumsy panda and you kind of want it all to work out for him. The emotional reunion of family was real special in third film. The writers exactly know how to mix innocence,comedy and emotions together.

                             If you haven’t seen this movie franchise yet, do watch them ASAP. series of entertainment,funny and nice mix of action with great emotions awaits here. 



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