The blues and The Bruises!


We have all been through it at some point of life. some of us managed to get out of it by themselves or with some help of their loved ones. and one of us are still fighting it and battling the survival. Depression. an evil,negative force of modern life and the curse of emotional as well as mental suffering.

In continuation of last week’s post,i realised many people have concerns about this issue. so here is a bit informative post about depression. let’s understand depression.

  • what is depression?

In simple words, Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life.

depression in its milder form can be just being in low spirits. It doesn’t stop you leading your normal life but makes everything harder to do and seem less worthwhile. At its most severe, depression can be life-threatening because it can make you feel suicidal or simply give up the will to live.


  • what causes depression?

causes of depression can vary from person to person and there are several ideas of what exactly causes depression. in some cases combination of various factors can lead to depression. in some cases depression causes without any obvious reasons.

these are some of the obvious causes to look out for-

  1. life events-this is the most common cause for depression. in hectic routine life, unwelcoming,stressful even traumatic events such as losing a job,failure or relationship problems happens,which can lead a person to the feel of depression. also some major changes in life also can be the cause of it such as change of city,house or job. sexual assault or getting bullied are some severe life events can be very harmful if not dealt with .
  2. sleep ,diet and exercise-another most common cause of depression is unbalanced diet,lack of sleep and exercise which can affect your physical and psychological health and eventually you moods.
  3. physical health problems- poor health contributes in the cause of depression. #chronic health problems-hormonal problems,especially thyroid and parathyroid.   #symptoms relating to menstrual cycle and menopause                                                     #low blood sugar                                                                                                                           #serious mental illness.
  4. alcohol and drugs-even if some takes it to initially feel better but it can cause long lasting depression problems.
  5. sometimes genetic inheritance and childhood events can also be the causes of depression.
  • common signs of depression-
  1. feeling isolated and unable to relate with other people
  2. tearful,down and upset
  3. feeling worthless,guilty hopeless
  4. a sense of unreality takes place
  5. no self confidence or self esteem
  6. suicidal

Depression makes it stressful to manage social interactions. depression distorts one’s view of oneself. causes emotional and physical pain.


now the most important part.

  • how to fight depression-

first thing to remember is understand your condition.

Depression is not a deficiency of love, success, or money. It is a brain illness.

and illness can be cured! and for it you will have to look after yourself. no one but you know how you feel and you will be the one who can get yourself out. also feel no shame about seeking help from other. asking for help shows your courage to accept the situation and your willingness to get out of it.

now these are things that will help you look after yourself in hard times-

  • keep active- find any exercise or sport you like.running,walks in the park,yoga or outdoor sports like badminton,tennis,etc. if you are not feeling up to it at all, at least decide to do basic things like getting out of  bed and ready before 10. or just a stroll on the road. but get out of the bed. and do stuff. anything. don’t just lie bed, watching stuff endlessly or just staring the ceiling.
  • eat well-eating balanced and nutrition-ed food can enhance your mood massively. if you are living in a family,this thing comes easy. if you are living alone or without easy good food accessibility, cook by yourself .this will help you spend some time,getting busy and also trying new things which can help you recover even more rapidly
  • get a good sleep- now this can be really hard, i know. people suffering depression usually experience too little or sleeping too much. sleeping at random times. feeling tired for whole day. but getting good proportioned calm sleep is very important. and if you keep yourself physically active with some exercise,that will help you with your sleep problem.
  • avoid alcohol or drug- this condition might make you feel the need to use alcohol or drugs,but remember in long run,this will worsen your condition.and if you are already involved in it, steadily and slowly stop it.
  • connect with people- even if you dont feel upto it,keep in touch with people. do not isolate yourself. there are plety of loved ones out there who can help you if you let them. keep talking to family members or friends or your partner and if you still cant get around it, seek professional help.


There is no guaranteed path that makes everyone better or a magic pill that always works. but remember suicide or self harm is not the answer to anything. fighting this disease is the least you owe to yourself and the society.  we don’t know how hard someone is trying to save her own life. we dont know what lies her brain is telling her everyday. we just know that everyone has a reason to live and flourish but depression killed her anyways!

be empathatical towards another persons emotional conditions.

being in depression doesnt make anyone a bad person, it just makes depression really bad illnesss.

your closed ones,family members,friend,partner or neighbor could be living with depression. in India ,which is second most badly affected country in world after china, helping anyone with the condition is a social duty. your love,affection,care ,just a coffee with someone or even a kind look can save someone from fatally harm herself. lend a helping hand to person in need. and see the happiness that will bring to you. keep a look out in these troubled time and someone will have a slightly better day.

and remember we live in a country which believes in karma 😉

and in the end, depression might cause you to misinterpret the social interactions,you don’t have enough energy beyond just surviving, you don’t see anyone with whom you can share your thoughts,ill always be there. we might be miles and miles apart, but if you seek help,technology made it much easier for me to be there. you are feeling overwhelmed with the darkness in your mind,but theres always someone who can drag you out of that darkness.

you deserve to live happily. you are not a bad person. You are not selfish. You deserve to live. Many, many people want to help keep you alive and happy.

I am one of them.

I am here!




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  1. Sanjay Gugle says:

    Share ur problem with our nearest person

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  2. Tejas Gandhi says:

    Nice blog! Very informative and helpful!

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